Cookie Policy

We are legally required to ask permission regarding cookie usage and similar techniques, and to inform visitors about the usage within this website.

Regarding some of the items mentioned above it is required to log user behavior. Third parties can also place cookies through the website, as e.g. is the case with embedded YouTube videos.

We use cookies and similar techniques for the following purposes:

  • optimizing the website
  • usage, management and targeted display of advertisements
  • integrating social media
  • collecting and analyzing statistics

Cookies overview

Cookies are small text files that a webbrowser saves on a computer when a website is visited. These cookies are often read at a later time when e.g. the website is visited again. Cookies server multiple purposes, amongst some remembering preferences, keeping track of visitor behavior (web analytics) and e.g. to show relevent advertisements on other websites.

Types of cookies we use

  1. For functional purposes
  2. For analytical purposes

1. For functional purposes

These type of cookies are used to register and remember user preferences. This leads to preferences not having to be entered again which makes the website easier to use.

2. For analytical purposes

We use these types of cookies to analyse our website usage so we can improve the functionality and efficiency.

All cookies on this website

Below there is an overview of all the cookies that we use on Please keep in mind that this information will change now and then. For example when we update our website because the rules regarding cookies change. We will do our utmost best to keep this information as accurate as possible and therefore advice our visitors to revisit the cookie policy page once in a while. This way, if there are any changes, visitors can always decide if they would like to modify their cookie-settings.

Cookie deletion, activation and maintenance

Through the browser settings certain cookies can be removed, all cookies accepted or blocked and preferences can be configured for certain websites. More information regarding this subject can be found within the Help-function of the browser.

Completely opt-out for certain cookie usage

Some of our suppliers enable visitors to completely opt-out for cookie usage. This concerns services like web-analytics and advertising platforms.